Wish List

Things I’d like to have, or have happen:

A microphone. I realize there are probably any number of reasons why it wouldn’t be practical or wise, but it would be really cool to have the ability to stream audio from a high-quality microphone on Craig’s deck. Just a mic aimed at the forest; it wouldn’t have to be directional or move, or have the ability to record snippets for later cataloging and playback (though those things would make it even more awesome).

I have this sense that we’re probably missing half the bird species that are within range of the camera, just because we don’t know where to point it to see them. If they don’t come to the feeder (or, like the Robin, to the birdbath, or like the Anna’s, to the flowers), we just never see them. If we could hear what was going on out there in the trees, though, I bet we’d know a lot more than we do now. With forested/brushy habitat, if you can’t hear, you’re missing most of the action. Which we are.

A sock feeder. I’m bummed that I haven’t got a photo of the Lesser Goldfinch yet, and I think a sock feeder would really help draw them in.

A dripper on the birdbath. We’d get a lot more birds at the bath if there was a slow drip, drip, drip falling into it. A little flexible metal tubing and a low-volume recirculation system is all it would take.

A view of seeds on the ground. Again, I really wish I could see one of the Golden-crowned Sparrows or Song Sparrows that are (or at least were) hanging around there, and if they’re there, I bet they’re going to be a lot easier to see on the ground than up at a feeder. Can we get a few seeds scattered somewhere down low where we can see them? I bet there’s all kinds of action going on under the T-pole feeders, but since we can’t see it it doesn’t do us much good.

I keep scanning the road to the right of the feeders. I really want for there to be a California or Spotted Towhee in there, or (again) a sparrow. So far, though, the only bird I’ve ever seen down there is the Robin. A few seeds along the edge of the road would make a big difference.

A site report from an informant. See, here’s how I could get just about all of the above in one fell swoop. If someone who lives in the area knows where that road is, and if there’s public access to it, he or she could just casually stroll on down it, keeping their ears open and looking around, and scatter some wildbird mix along the path at the same time. Then he or she could come here and post about what they saw and heard.

It’s a simple dream, this dream I have. Sigh. One day, maybe.

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  1. birds says:

    You’ll have to try and get ahold of craig somehow on his blog or somthign and tell him to throw some seeds around on the ground.

    my wishes:

    definitely a microphone would be really cool, peferably 2, setup so you could get stereo, then you could sorta tell what direction the noise came from.

    a chat box on the camera app, that you could choose to use or not

    a way to look at all the pics in a certian users gallery, give it more a social aspect

    other environments, craigs backyard is awesome and everything, but wouldn’t one of these be cool in the galapagos or in the amazon, or underwater!

  2. birds says:

    other ideas.. perhaps if there was a way to adjust the panning speed, then as it moved from the feeder to the bath, you could see things landing in the trees along the way, instead of a big blur when it moves. Otoh, it could get annoying if it moves around all slow. but that could be collaberatively controlled as well, and when there is not a lot of action, you could slow it down, and scan large areas more efficently

    I know this wouldnt be a simple request, and it’d probably require a seperate camera/s (or wide angle), but it’d also be really cool if the panorama was updated more frequently, even once every 20 seconds, then you could catch stuff off camera a bit easier. again it’d be a fairly massive undertaking in terms of tech and code involved, but for future versions of the cone project it’d be a big enhancement

  3. elanus says:

    You actually can look at all the photos in a user’s gallery. You you get there by clicking on the user’s name in the top-10 list on the sign-in page (which you can get back to by clicking on the big CONE SUTRO FOREST headline at the top of every page), or any user’s name in the full user list you get by clicking on the “Show All” link at the bottom of it. Or you can click on a user’s name in various other places, like on the individual-photo page, where it says “Captured By: So and So”.

  4. morgan says:

    What about orange feeders?? Or a real hummingbird feeder? I would love to see orioles coming around frequently (that would give us an extra species or two). A hummingbird feeder would allow us to focus a lot easier on getting Anna’s, and given the location, I would expect the occasional Rufous, Allen’s, and even Calliope and Black-chinned if given enough time. I especially would look forward to the Classification battles that would take place over Allens v. Rufous. Hehe.

  5. vireo says:

    On Allen’s vs Rufous – it’s difficult to tell them apart in the hand (I’m a volunteer bander – though we don’t band the hummers anymore, and I am NO where near expert status).
    There are all kinds of measurements to take of individual tail feathers and the like. A
    full grown male would be easiest of course. The discussions would be most fun and

    My wish is for California quail on the road below. They must be there. Perhaps some
    scattered corn and other grains would attract them.

    And I second the wish for orioles – an oriole feeder is best, though they do come to
    the hummer feeders in my back yard.

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