The Case of the Missing Suet

I didn’t get to spend much time looking at Sutro Forest pictures today (oops, yesterday), but I did notice the following.

7:19 a.m.:

Image 8149

7:20 a.m.:

Image 8150

7:34 a.m.:

Image 8152

8:16 a.m.:

Image 8161

Those last two are the two suet-feeder photos bracketing the time of the crime. Now, I realize the case against the suspect is circumstantial, but I’d really like to know what his alibi is for the 42 minutes in question. If you ask me, he had a sneaky look on his face at 7:34, like he was planning something.

Thanks to crack CSI Sutro Forest investigators noho_bird_club, asdourian, nosteps, and rnand001 for the images.

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