Checklist of Welder Birds

Dr. Selma Glasscock at the Welder Wildlife Refuge was good enough to forward me a checklist of birds seen at the refuge. I want to create an HTML version of this for convenient web browsing, but until I have a chance to do that I wanted to share the Word document that she forwarded to me. It breaks down bird species into common, uncommon, occasional, rare, and accidental, and gives those designations for each of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). I can see this being very useful to us in trying to figure out some of the trickier IDs.

Here it is: Birds of the Welder Wildlife Refuge (75K MSWord document).

Update: Now available in HTML form for online viewing: Checklist of Welder Birds.

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  1. Rafa says:

    Thanks a lot Elanus and Dr. Glasscock. I’m sure all these eyes watching will help to update the list.

    Best regards,

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