Golden-fronted Woodpecker ID’d

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the “unique classifications” count on the CONE Welder landing page you probably noticed that we ticked up from 28 species to 29 species a few days ago. That wasn’t because we got a new photograph of a new species, though; it was because we finally got an ID of this photo taken back on May 4 by avatar99:

That shot has now earned enough votes to qualify as a Golden-fronted Woodpecker, an ID I’m happy with, even if this shot isn’t very clear. John Rappole indicated in that email to Ken Goldberg that I previously posted that he agreed we’d taken a photo of a Golden-fronted Woodpecker, and good enough for John Rappole is good enough for me.

I assume he was actually referring to this second (or rather, first) photo of what looks like the same woodpecker, taken two days earlier, on May 2, on the same tree by txbird:

That’s a clearer shot, but it currently doesn’t have an ID. I’m guessing that the later shot does have an ID, even though it’s not as clear a shot, because I spilled the beans in the comments accompanying it, leading to more ID’s for Golden-fronted being entered. Unlike the CONE SF installation, though, we don’t get to see what votes have been cast once we’ve voted ourselves, so it’s hard to know how many votes away from an ID that txbird image is.

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