White-winged Dove!

I haven’t had much time to spend in CONE Welder the last week or so, but I’ve been trying to skim over the images that have been taken when I get a chance. But I overlooked this shot that was taken on May 18 at 12:48 p.m. by birderbf until rafa pointed it out to me in an email today:

Check out that dove in the lower right. I’m pretty sure that’s a White-winged Dove, which would be a new species for the game. Currently the image doesn’t have enough IDs to be classified as such. But take a look, and if you agree that that’s what it is, go vote so we can get it officially classified.

In the meantime, congratulations birderbf on a great shot, and thanks, rafa, for pointing it out to me.

Update: And now it’s classified as a White-winged Dove. Hooray!

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