Bird Counts as of 2 May 2007

I went through the “Public Gallery” pages just now, and compiled this count of the number of photos taken and identified for each species. In ascending count order, they are:

bird count
bald eagle* 1
golden-crowned sparrow 2
song sparrow 10
lesser goldfinch 10
pygmy nuthatch 52
mourning dove 56
rock pigeon 57
anna’s hummingbird 72
american robin 88
chestnut-backed chickadee 91
squirrel* 134
house finch 222
dark-eyed junco 340
black-headed grosbeak 410
no bird* 410
wesetern scrub-jay 672
house sparrow 1054

* not actually a bird ID (though in the case of the “bald eagle”, the system thinks it is).

So, that gives you an idea of the relative rarity of the various species, at least in terms of the photos taken and identified so far.

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