#sutro on EFNet

We seriously need a chat environment for this thing. I’m kind of an IRC n00b, but I’ve created a channel called #sutro on EFnet. If you know how to use an IRC client (mIRC is popular on Windows; I use a program called Colloquy on the Mac), it’s easy to log in to an EFnet server and join the discussion.

I’m looking into putting a web-based IRC client on the blog’s Live Chat page, but in the meantime, you can download and install an IRC client, or you can use one of the free IRC web gateways, like the one at IRCatWork.com. However you log in, you should be able to use the following to enter the chatroom:

Nickname: whatever you want (though if someone else is already using it, you’ll need to choose a different one)

Server: irc.freenode.net (or substitute a server “close” to you in network terms)

Channel: #sutro

See you there.

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