Favorite Shots for Sunday, June 10, 2007

There were no new species yesterday, but it seemed like every time I glanced at the birdcam there was something interesting going on.

My favorite shot of the day was this one, taken at 1:39 p.m. by spurdin. It shows a female House Sparrow feeding a fledgling:

Image 15464

Here’s another view of what I assume was the same fledgling, taken by sunbird two minutes later:

Image 15468

What I assume to be the same fledgling (or maybe its brother or sister; I don’t know my immature House Sparrow gender differences) showed up later in the day by the birdbath; I got these two shots at 3:52:

Image 15495

Image 15497

There was also a nice, bright male Lesser Goldfinch that put in an appearance at one point. A few users voted for American Goldfinch, and I can understand the sentiment, but no; between the darkish beak, the extent of black on the head, and the dark back he’s pretty clearly a Lesser. We totally could get an American at the feeders someday, and it’s worth checking out all the goldfinches just in case, but no luck this time.

Anyway, I got this shot of him at 4:00:

Image 15499

And this one at 4:11:

Image 15501

rookie got this nice shot of him at 4:12:

Image 15504

Finally, while no one got four species in one shot like noho_bird_club did yesterday, there were a couple of threes, and one almost-three. First was this fuzzy shot, which, if you take the time to study it, reveals a male House Sparrow, a female House Finch, and down low, in the back, a Chestnut-backed Chickadee. It was taken by vireo at 2:56:

Image 15477

There was also this picture, which I took at 3:40. Something about the way the American Robin was bathing looked absolutely irresistible to the two House Finches watching. After the robin left they jumped in and took their turns.

Image 15491

There actually was also a Pygmy Nuthatch that flitted in and landed on the left side of the birdbath a couple of times while these others were there. I tried to get a shot each time it did so, but I was always too late; it only stayed a second or two each time. If I could have got that shot it would have made my day. Maybe next time.

Finally, I got this shot at 4:35. It’s only three species, but it’s a lot of individual birds. There’s a Mourning Dove on the left end of the T-bar, four House Finches (I think) on the sunflower seed feeder, and a male House Sparrow and (maybe?) another House Finch in the ball:

Image 15510

All in all, another fine day of birdcamming. 🙂

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  1. kryptonkay says:

    I had fun watching the birds Sunday. It seemed like alot of house finches showed up at the feeders. I was mad at myself for taking my picture limit so early in the day. I love that picture at the birdbath with the Robin and two finches watching. The robins expression on his face is priceless. anyway it was a fun day.

  2. vireo says:

    I really like that picture of the house sparrow feeding the fledging. What a

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