Favorite Shots for Monday, June 11, 2007

My favorite shots from yesterday were these three interesting close-ups:

spurdin got this beautiful shot of the Western Scrub-Jay at 12:37:

Image 15700

Crows and jays are supposed to be among the most intelligent of birds, and this shot certainly conveys that; the bird could be posing for a Rodin sculpture, seated atop the Gates of Hell contemplating the fate of birdkind.

widget got this shot at 1:30. I love that even though it’s completely out of focus, there’s no doubt at all about what bird it shows. I added the comment, “Warning: Objects in birdcam may be larger than they appear!”

Image 15705

Finally, there was a series of really nice close-ups of the Mourning Dove; here’s my favorite, taken by buzzie at 6:32 p.m.:

Image 15777

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