Red-tailed Hawk!

As kryptonkay pointed out today, you never know who’s going to show up at the birdbath. Like this guy (or gal): a beautiful adult light-phase Red-tailed Hawk. Umpteen photos were taken (though none by me; I’ve been very busy lately, and my birdcam obsession has suffered).

Anyway, check out these awesome photos, and thanks to the following photographers: idbirds (who got the honor of the first shot), kryptonkay, lal, and kellychitwood. Congratulations, all of you!

Image 20265

Image 20276

Image 20281

Image 20282

Image 20284

Image 20296

Image 20297

P.S. Craig has posted another image of the same bird on his blog: A surprise, first thing in the morning, right outside the window.

2 Responses to “Red-tailed Hawk!”

  1. kryptonkay says:

    I was so excited to move over to the birdbath and see him standing there. I snapped pics right away but deleted the first three to get closer shots. I may of deleted the first pic taken but I wanted to get the best pics I could. I’am so happy so many people got such great shots! I emailed Craig’s blog and he told me he named him “Butterball” That’s perfect because I commented on one of the pics he looks like a turkey. Good pics everyone !

  2. lal says:

    I felt quite honored to be able to catch a few shots of him. Beautiful!

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