Wilson’s Warbler (!)

Here are four shots of the same bird, taken back on July 30 at 7:10 a.m. The first and last shots are by kilcat; the rest are by kryptonkay:

Image 25769

Image 25770

Image 25773

Image 25774

The third and fourth shots are pretty compelling, ID-wise. After reading the comments and checking the field guide, I’m pretty sure noho_bird_club’s proposed ID of Wilson’s Warbler is correct. If so, it would be a new bird for the system, but so far the chances look slim that any of the four photos is going to make it to an agreed-upon ID.

Oh, well. It’s pretty exciting that the shots were taken, at least. Presumably this is a juvenile male; with any luck he’ll wander past the camera after his black cap comes in, and we’ll get a new bird officially.

But congratulations, kilcat and kryptonkay, on some great shots of a great bird!

Update: And now we’ve received enough votes to switch two of the photos (the first and the third one above) to an official ID. Hooray!

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