Orange-crowned Warbler?

Today at 11:06 first petemokazfi, and then robin54, got shots of what almost certainly is a new bird for the game. Here’s the first shot:

Image 40327

And here’s the second:

Image 40328

That second shot, especially, really says “Orange-crowned Warbler” to me. Granted, there are other possibilities, but that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the image. I’m alone in that ID on both photos at this point, though, so it seems unlikely that we’ll get an official Orange-crowned Warbler in the game based on these images. But if the bird sticks around, and we get some more shots of it, maybe we’ll get to add it before the camera shuts down (which we now know is scheduled for November 18, according to a news update on the home page).

Congratulations, petemokafzi and robin54, on getting shots of this very exciting (well, in the context of the game; I realize it’s actually fairly drab as far as birds go) bird.

4 Responses to “Orange-crowned Warbler?”

  1. kryptonkay says:

    I agree with you Elanus on that ID . I looked in my field guide and it looked just like the orange-crowned warbler. I wish we had longer to ID birds because sometime we just ID to get points and don’t have time to look in a book to see what it really is. I’m sorry petemokafzi and Robin and hopefully it’ll come back soon and we’ll get the correct ID . Great job at getting a new bird.

  2. robin55 says:

    Thanks elanus and kryptonkay , you were right on ! I’m glad I didn’t vote at first because I changed my no bird to OCW.

  3. robin55 says:

    I’m really glad the cone is staying up through migration. If you have a moment ,elanus check the disputed file and shots 40978-79 from 10/29. Definately new warblers in disputed and maybe a new sparrow!

  4. vireo says:

    to me those are definitely orange crowned warblers.

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