Ring-necked Pheasant!

So, I noticed on Friday that Craig had posted the following image to his personal blog:

He mentioned that it was “in Eve and Claire’s backyard, might be injured…” I emailed to ask if Eve and Claire were neighbors, and he said they were, so I immediately started wondering if the bird might show up on the birdcam. And guess what? A few hours later, on Saturday morning, it did just that.

birdbrain got the honor of the first identified shot, at 7:44 a.m.:

Image 42813

A bunch more photos of the bird were taken in the course of the morning. My favorite is this one, taken by robin54 at 8:51:

Image 42891

Congratulations to everyone who got a shot of this beautiful and very exciting bird!

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  1. robin55 says:

    You have been a busy fellow , elanus , 3 posts in one day ! I couldn’t believe my eyes on the pheasant. So 2 questions : is it an escaped bird and are there open fields nearby ? I wouldn’t expect to see pheasant in scrubby woods or suburban neighborhoods. I hope he makes it . There are too many cats around.
    Here’s another question for you : have you been following comet Holmes ? go to Spaceweather.com. We’ve been watching nearly every night . So amazingly cool.

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