White-crowned Sparrow (Officially!)

I’d complained recently about us not being able to count the White-crowned Sparrow, even though we got some clear shots of juveniles a few days ago. Happily, that problem has now been resolved by virtue of some correctly-ID’d shots that were taken yesterday, including some really stunning views of an adult.

Here’s the official first ID of a White-crowned Sparrow in the game (as of now). It was taken at 9:35 on Saturday morning by kitcat:

Image 42909

There actually were some earlier images of a juvenile, but they’re currently in ‘disputed’. Here’s a cute one that was taken by kryptonkay at 9:14 a.m.:

Image 42902

Here’s a nice close-up of the adult, taken by avatar99 at 9:40:

Image 42923

Congratulations, everyone! Now, if we could just get a microphone so we could hear their singing, I could retire from birdcam blogging a happy man. 🙂

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  1. robin55 says:

    These were great shots too. And pointed out to me again, to really look at the whole bird before jumping to classify. I called the juvenile a GCS too !

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