Emotional Goodbyes

I got a little choked up reading all the nice comments people were leaving at this photo taken today by robin54. (And check out the ghostly image of “Casper” left of the T-bar.)

Image 44077

I’m planning to post some retrospective items over the next few days, and I’m certainly planning on reviving posting when the camera goes back up in Texas in March. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for making the CONE Sutro Forest birdcam so much fun.

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  1. kryptonkay says:

    I want to thank-you elanus for this great site . I love seeing everyones pictures and being able to talk and make comments on them. Bird watchers are really a great group pf people . I can’t wait until next year to get on the new site. I better start studying up on the types of birds. If anyone likes to talk and share bird pictures my email address is kryptonkay55@sbcglobal.net. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great thanksgiving everyone and God Bless you

  2. vireo says:

    I agree with kryptonkay. Thank you Elanus for a very nice web site. I’m looking forward to the Texas site. I’ll have to study up on humming birds. There are lots of hummer species there, and lots of other birds we don’t get in Northern California. Should be quite fun and instructive.

  3. Yes, I can’t wait for Texas. If anyone wants to email me, my email is spurdin AT gmail.

  4. vireo says:

    my email is walthwa AT gmail DOT com
    I tried emailiing you kk, (and birdbrain), but it bounced. I’ll try again to you both, and to
    you Spurdin.

  5. kryptonkay says:

    I just emailed myself by clicking on the highlighted email address and it went right to my email. Please try again Vireo . I’ll email you too.

  6. robin55 says:

    Yes, thanks elanus for keeping up your blog. If I can manage how to use a digital camera I will send some shots from my backyard. As I was returning from errands today I saw 2 Ravens playing in the sky over Rte. 7 in CT. Had to pull over , I was glad I had my bins w/ me !

  7. kryptonkay says:

    I would love to see your pictures too Robin, I have some too I’d like to share with everyone. see you all next year ,Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. vanilla says:

    Thank you, elanus, for a website that is always interesting, often humorous and always educational.

    See everyone next year….it has been great knowing you all and sharing this wonderful hobby….


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