Texas Avian All-Stars!

Wow. I know it took a little extra time to get here, but the new system was really worth the wait, wouldn’t you say?

One of the first surprises I got was this jaunty little fella (along with his mate, sometimes) hanging out on the suet feeder in front of the pond:

That shot was by birderbf, taken April 30. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak is a pretty exciting bird for me; growing up outside their normal range, I always thought they looked neat in the field guide, but never got to see one.

I practically fell out of my chair when I saw this Wild Turkey strutting around:

That’s a shot I got April 29; I also really liked this action shot taken by vanilla the same day:

A bird that had me mystified during the alpha test was this guy, though after some help from the other users I’m pretty comfortable calling it a Bronzed Cowbird (this shot was by achadamaia on April 30):

But the hands-down most exciting bird (for me at least) since CONE Welder went live is this Barred Owl. vanilla and kryptonkay each got a shot of it late last night; this is the shot taken by vanilla:

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty smashing first couple of days. I can’t wait to see what comes next. See you on the birdcam!

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  1. vanilla says:

    And then there are the-ever-faithful “Night Stalkers”: Valiant birders on a mission, cup of cold coffee at hand, peering into the dark night mysteries in Texas, cramped hands holding their ‘mice’ tenaciously……

    …….ever hopeful that the owl will, indeed, return……

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