Audubon’s Oriole!

Probably my favorite thing about the CONE system is the way amazing things just all of a sudden show up in the camera. You’re half paying attention while someone else is driving, and all of a sudden — whoa! What’s that?

Case in point: I glanced over at the screen a few minutes ago and saw this guy:

Audubon’s Oriole is listed as “accidental” on Selma Glasscock’s checklist of Welder birds, but it’s listed in the CONE Welder list of neotropical “species of interest”, so apparently it’s been showing up in the refuge more frequently of late. Anyway, I don’t think there’s any doubt that that’s what this was.

The bird turned sideways at the end and showed a good view of its wings and tail, but I didn’t get a shot of that, unfortunately. I’m waiting to see the shots other users got once the 1-hour embargo is over; I’ll post them here if there are other good ones.

Woohoo! New birds are fun. 🙂

Update: Lots more shots were taken by users birderbf, vireo, and rafa, with birderbf getting the honors of the first shot:

(Smart, by the way, getting that “insurance” shot quickly, before trying to zoom in.) I also liked this shot that rafa got at the end of the sequence:

2 Responses to “Audubon’s Oriole!”

  1. vireo says:

    elanus – your pictures are pretty good.

  2. vanilla says:

    Funny thing. I logged in…and everyone seemed to log out. I realized an hour later that busy people were waiting for the ’embargo to lift’, as elanus put it. LOL!

    Such a lovely find to the uninformed and congratulations to all.

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