Tufted Titmouse!

I’ve had no time to birdcam the last few days, but you guys have picked up some awesome new birds, including Tufted Titmice (or is it titmouses?) that were first photographed early Tuesday morning, and which have since been seen at least two more times (though not by me, darn it).

The first shot went to lal:

rafa got this shot showing two birds at once, though I understand there were actually three individuals present. They moved around so fast they were hard to get shots of.

Finally, robin54 got this nice close-up of that characteristic titmouse/chickadee behavior of holding a seed in one’s feet in order to do some concentrated pecking:

Congratulations on getting cute shots of some exceedingly cute birds!

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  1. robin54 says:

    I’ve annoyed alot of people in chat about these birds . ( Sorry guys ! ) . In 2002 the AOU separated Tufted from Black-crested . These are Black-Crested Titmice . The range is correct , the crest is much darker and held so erect it curves forward and the forhead is pale ; perhaps not so visible in these shots , in others it is very clear.

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