Red-shouldered Hawk!

Thanks to Chris McLean (sprucebuddhas), we have a new view of the Welder bird feeding area, and of a Red-shouldered Hawk watching for breakfast.

sprucebuddhas: “Wondering how birding was before 9:30 cdt this a.m. caught this culprit but unfortunately not the h-bird that was sitting on the branch next to him. He flew off while being photographed. Shy I guess.

It is probably one of the pair that is nested ~100m away and defied several attempts to capture to be fitted with a radio transmitter last year by one of the Welder fellows. He tried to capture with mice in a wire cage as well as a live barred owl on loan from a rehabber through Texas Tech.”

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  1. annelizabeth says:

    That is very cool, Chris–fun to see the site from another angle, too!

  2. elanus says:

    So, is that tall pole on the left side of the image the pool that the camera is actually mounted on? And are those two bands high up on it where the camera is attached, with that white object to the right of the pole being the camera itself?

    I love that we get a different view of the area, including the upper reaches of that tree with the Red-shouldered Hawk in it. I had no idea it extended that far up.

    Thanks to Chris for forwarding the images, and to loughman1 for posting them.

  3. […] knew it was around, based on that picture that Chris McLean took on-site and forwarded to us (see Red-shouldered Hawk!, posted back on September 1). But until now we’d never obtained a picture with the […]

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