Lights, Camera, Action!

I’m a sucker for a crisp closeup. But blurry can be okay, too, if it’s part of a great action photo. Like these: My favorite action photos from the past few weeks.

Inca Doves are looked down on by some birders; “trash birds”, I’ve heard them called. Maybe I’d feel that way if they lived in my neighborhood, but they’re still kind of exotic to me. Anyway, I make it a point to try not to look down on any bird. Why, I’ve even managed to make myself be interested in starlings, if you can believe it. But however you feel about Inca Doves, you have to admit that if you catch them at the right moment, their wing linings are pretty.

Like in this shot that eyes23blue took back on October 15:

Image 63686

And this shot that tinyang took a few minutes later:

Image 63689

If you want pretty, check out this beautiful shot of a Summer Tanager that rafa took on October 17:

Image 100552

blether (a fairly new user, I think? at least, one I haven’t noticed much before now, but maybe that’s because I’ve only recently been spending more time on the camera after a period of neglect) got this amazing photo of two male Northern Cardinals going mano a mano on October 21. I think this might be my favorite action photo ever:

Image 102289

Finally, it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on in this one, but if you squint just right at this shot by avatar99 from October 22 you can make out the Barred Owl launching off the end of the T-bar. Look out below, mousies! 🙂

Image 102788

Congratulations to everyone who caught these amazing moments.

Update: I overlooked this neat shot of a Golden-fronted Woodpecker. It was taken by avatar99 on October 23:

Image 102826

Later update: txbird got this great shot of the Northern Mockingbird on October 25:

Image 59319

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