Golden-Fronted Woodpecker video

Tinyang was driving the camera today while I managed to record this video of the male Gold-Fronted Woodpecker.

She took this wonderful shot too. Congratulations, tinyang!

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  1. abirch says:

    Rafa got me excited about the possibility of capturing video on the CONE-Welder site. Rafa mentioned he used Snag-It which is a great program for capturing images of your computer but it has a 30 day limit, so I set out to try to find freeware that could accomplish the same.

    I tried about a dozen before I found one that would accomplish what I was looking to do. The program I found is called AutoScreenRecorder 3.0 (ASR). It has a stripped down free version that does what needs to be done to capture the video from the CONE-Welder site. After you have downloaded the site you go to CONE-Welder and open ASR. This will bring up the ASR window – click “Record Now” and it will present you with crosshairs. Use the crosshairs to select the portion of the screen you want to record. As soon as you select the area the program begins recording. So I found it helpful to just pause it (Alt+F9). Then when a bird worth recording pops up in the screen hit Alt+F9 to begin recording. You can end the recording by just hitting F9.

    Warning – This records to AVI format which requires a lot of memory! I recorded just over a minute and it was 35+ MB, but it maybe a helpful tool for those birds that are difficult to ID.

    THERE IS NO DELAY! Since you are using a program not embedded in the CONE server, but on your computer you do not get the long delay. As soon as you hit Alt+F9 it starts recording.

    You can also continue to use all of the CONE-Welder functions while the program is running. The only restraint or thing to remember is that if you change the size of your window the ASR recording area will not change so you will have to change the area being recorded and thus make a new file.

    Anyway – I was totally jazzed about the possbilities and wanted to let others know about it. You can see my first attempt at – – you can see from my first attempt it is a quick learning curve. Hope you enjoy and I hope folks use this – it could be a great tool for IDing some of the more difficult quickly seen birds.



  2. tinyang says:

    Thank you rafa! 🙂 Your idea of recording the cone camera feed with software is nothing short of pure genius! I was just a lucky person in the right place at the right time.

    Abirch thanks for the additional info, I’m sure it will come in handy.

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