CONE Welder Down

The camera appears to be down, and based on the images in the “Search” interface, has been so since shortly after noon yesterday.

There were some interesting icterid photos taken yesterday that I’d be interested in classifying. Hopefully the system is back up and running soon.

Update: As of about 10:00 Sunday morning, November 23, the camera is back in action. Yay!

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  1. birderbf says:

    What a horrible time for the cam to be down too! On it’s last day of operation, many got to see the somewhat elusive Eastern Phoebe that’s been hanging around, as well as that icterid (Common Grackle), the game’s second American Robin and the game’s first American Goldfinch!

  2. elanus says:

    What image number is the American Goldfinch? I didn’t see that one.

  3. tinyang says:

    Last day of operation?! I had no idea (was hoping something would show up on the front desk page under announcements). When and where did you hear that, birderbf?

  4. elanus says:

    I assume birderbf just means “the last day the camera was operating before its current outage,” not “the last day it was operating ever.” As far as I know, the camera is intended to remain in operation for at least another year or so.

  5. birderbf says:

    Indeed, elanus read me right. So sorry for the confusion tinyang!

  6. birderbf says:

    The apparent goldfinch is #116186 by txbird.

  7. Rafa says:

    We took earlier today better shots of the AMGO, clear enough to get them officially classified.

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