Warning: Robots Merging Ahead

I got the following email last night from Siamak Faridani, one of the programmers on the CONE team. I’m passing it on, per Siamak’s request:

From: [Siamak Faridani]
Subject: [CONE] Autonomous Code
Date: February 19, 2009 8:50:35 PM PST
To: [me]

Hi John,

I am a PhD student at Berkeley and I work for professor Goldberg, I have developed a code that controls the camera and brows the scene automatically, every 10 minutes it will kick in and will run the camera for around 60 sec and will release the camera afterward, I need to test this code on the website for 4 days, starting Friday morning
until Monday night.

It should only take 10% of the camera time and users are welcome to request frames from the system while the code is running.

I was wondering if you could please post a quick note on the website to mention this, the username for the program is “conetester” and as I said it will log in every 10 minutes and will log out when it is done.

Best wishes,


PS. Hopefully it will not run other users crazy 🙂

Yes, well, we can always hope for that. I’d say the chances of CDS (CONE derangement syndrome) will increase sharply if the system decides to take control of the camera at a time when something really rare and/or interesting is in the field of view.

But it should be interesting, in any event.

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