The Indigo Buntings (Well, One of Them) Are Back

I’ve been kidded a few times about my ridiculously good luck with the birdcam. I’ve been very spotty in my use of it lately, but it seems that when I do show up, as like as not something special will appear on the camera. That was certainly the case when I spent about 5 minutes on the system one evening, and it just happened to coincide with the game’s first identified bobcat taking a stroll past the camera.

I had a similar lucky event yesterday, when I spent a few minutes on the cam trying to see if I could get any more shots of what sort of looked to me like it might have been a Lesser Goldfinch. Here are the two shots that had me wondering, the first by vanilla and the second by loughman1:

Image 243965

Image 243966

That check mark on the wing is the thing that had me thinking Lesser, but after looking some more I’m pretty comfortable calling this an American Goldfinch.

But while I was looking for more goldfinches, look what I got a shot of:

Image 243985

I’m pretty sure that’s the site’s first Indigo Bunting (a female) since August 2009. Here are some more shots I got yesterday:

Image 244010

Image 244005

And here’s a shot from today, this one by tinyang:

Image 244244

Hooray for buntings! 🙂

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