Is That a Hooded Oriole?

Late today I was picking up some cheap points, entering IDs in a hurry. I whipped past image #7594, taken by Harpsichordgal, saw the female Black-headed Grosbeak in the bottom of the ball feeder, entered my ID, and was about to move on, when I did a double-take.

Image 7594

Whoa. What’s that on the right end of the T-bar?

I’ve seen that bird a bunch around our house lately. I realize it’s not a great shot, but what you can see sure fits the bill. And I keep trying to make other things fit (a male House Sparrow with an inexplicable yellow wash on his chest? a scrawny male Black-headed Grosbeak with his head turned all the way around, preening?) and I just can’t.

I’m seriously bumming now, more than any time previously in my playing the game, that I don’t have the ability to delete and re-enter a previous ID. Because I think there’s a good chance that we’re looking at a new species for the game. He’s perched there cool as a cucumber, his beak pointing straight at the camera, just begging someone to zoom in for what would have been a spectacular shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the Hooded Oriole.

Maybe? Anyone?

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