New ‘Earliest Bird’ Record

Cementing my status as the Microsoft of annoyingly dark early-morning shots of the robin at the birdbath, I got this photo at 5:31 a.m. today:

Image 11253

A minute later, at 5:32, I got this slightly better shot:

Image 11256

Interestingly (well, if you’re me; a caveat that should be applied to anything I’m obsessively raving about, which you’ve no doubt figured out already), the photo ID values applied to the two images (11253 and 11256, respectively) show that at least one of the two other users who were active on the camera at the time were also snapping pictures. I wondered if they might have saved one taken earlier than mine, but after waiting the requisite 10 minutes nothing else showed up, so they must have deleted all their shots.

I guess when one is the working to be the unchallenged monopolist of annoyingly dark early-morning shots of robins at the birdbath, it helps that no one else is actually competing. 🙂

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