No Word Yet on the Texas Birdcam

I haven’t heard anything about the Texas implementation of the CONE system, but we’re now in the March 2008 window that was previously mentioned as the time for its debut, so I’m hoping we might hear something soon.

In the meantime, here’s an image of a Great Kiskadee from the Welder Wildlife Refuge’s web site. How cool would it be to see one of those with the birdcam?

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  1. vanilla says:

    Hello, elanus!

    Can’t wait for the opening of the new site in Texas, and YES, it will be quite a challenge to start ID-ing the local birds there. I probably speak for a lot of us when I say birding with the CONE high-tech bird cam has been sorely missed. And I truly miss the players from the Sutro Forest Game. Hope you get a start date quickly.

    In the hiatus since November, my bird book library has grown immensely, my dishes get washed daily and the beds get made, too! 😉 I will gladly give it all up…..

    …..let the games begin!

    Best Wishes,

  2. kryptonkay says:

    I’ve been waiting for the new site to begin too. I put up many feeders in my yard and I wake up to birds chirping every morning. My cats love to watch them too. I even had a Downey woodpecker in my tree one day!! I miss all the players too but it won’t be long before we can all chat again and enjoy our feathered friends.
    have a nice day:) Karen

  3. vireo says:

    Yes. I have a LOT of studying of Texas birds — may have to get a bird book just for that area to help me. Nat. Geographic and Sibley’s may not be enough. I’m expecting to make lots of big errors at the start of the game as I’m learning.

    Yeah vanilla — I’ve been actually getting work done, walks in the parks, birding for real, gardening, oh and can I say again — been working AT work, not sneaking peaks at the cam. — this is going to be fun.

    Hi everyone.

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