I got this shot a few minutes ago. I’m posting it here even though it’s not a great shot because I think it shows a new species in the game. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what species it is. The bird, which was walking fairly quickly along the edge of that muddy patch left of the pond, is near the top of the shot, walking from right to left:

I’m pretty sure that’s either a Louisiana or a Northern Waterthrush. I’ve emailed Dr. Selma Glasscock at Welder to ask if they have any information about what species have been seen at the refuge, and what dates they’re typically seen on; that might help narrow things down. But in the meantime, don’t forget to check that muddy patch. It’s been producing really good birds.

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  1. vireo says:

    Anyone have any tips on how to distinguish the different Waterthrushes? They looks very similar to me.

  2. […] I should mention that we previously got a shot of what I think was probably a Louisiana Waterthrush. But it was never ID’d, which makes this the first official warbler in the […]

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