Camera Issues Again?

I can log into the CONE Welder site, but clicking the power button on the camera never turns it on. I also can’t see any users (including myself) showing up in the left pane of the chat window. My guess is that this means we’ve got a problem at or near the camera, or at least something toward the lowest, “camera” layer of the stack of components that makes up the system.

The last image in the gallery was timestamped 12:31 a.m. So the problem apparently occurred some time after that.

Update: Bryce sent me the following via email a few minutes ago:

Hi John,

I just saw your blog post. There were thunderstorms around the camera site last night and we believe something happened to the camera connection there. We are looking into it as I write this and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks!


Later update: Bryce emails again to say the camera is back up again.

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