Non-bird Shots

Here are some of my favorite non-bird shots taken in the last few days.

rafa got this shot of a mama Javelina and what looks like a fairly young piglet:

achadamaia was one of several users to get a shot of this cute little rodent (not sure about the species; it doesn’t appear to be a choice in the available IDs):

Finally, user califas got this very cool close-up of an unidentified insect:

Any bug experts on the blog want to help with an ID?

2 Responses to “Non-bird Shots”

  1. vireo says:

    The rodent looks like some kind of vole (a Microtus genus), though I don’t know which species.
    Not enough of the insect ot know what kind.

  2. vanilla says:

    Like vireo, my first thought was the rodent was a vole. Our groundskeeper in California used to capture these little guys on a regular basis at work and this looks suspiciously like one of them.

    The bug looks a bit like the beetles that took over our backyard in Arizona in the spring every year. If I can get a name, I’ll pass it along. Believe me….they were much smaller than the photo…roughly a half inch.

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