Some Noteworthy Recent Shots

Here are some of my favorite shots from the last few days:

birdbrain got this great shot of a snake (a diamondback rattlesnake, maybe? any herpetology experts want to chime in?) back on July 30:

Image 31252

After a long dry spell, several users have taken photos of Wild Turkeys lately, including this shot with two turkeys by kryptonkay on July 31:

Image 31474

Today (actually, yesterday now; August 1), tinyang got this shot of a bird that’s a real mystery for me. I’m really not sure what to make of it. An Inca Dove in an unusual body position, maybe? Are those white feathers on the tail?

Image 31756

Several photos were taken yesterday of a female Cardinal feeding a begging Bronzed Cowbird, including this great shot by rafa:

Image 31808

I didn’t realize that Bronzed Cowbirds were nest parasites, just like Brown-headed Cowbirds, but according to Wikipedia, all cowbirds are nest parasites. So it looks like this is a shot of a fledgling begging for food from its adoptive mother.

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  1. tinyang says:

    I do think my picture is an Inca Dove. A few bird books I’ve consulted (Sibley’s Eastern guide and National Geographic 4th Ed. amongst others) do specify that Inca Doves have white feathers on the outer edging of their tail. But it did strike a unique pose for the camera.

    Re: the cowbird and cardinal pic, I did happen upon some interesting info regarding cowbirds recently:

    “Baby cowbirds have a problem. Their mothers abandon them as
    eggs, leaving them in another bird’s nest to be raised by a
    host species. So the young cowbirds have no idea what
    another cowbird looks like or sounds like.

    Now a group of researchers at Cornell have discovered that
    young cowbirds are born knowing a password, a specific call
    that all cowbirds the world over share. They use this
    password to find other cowbirds, who then teach them the
    local cowbird dialect.

    Mark Hauber, a doctoral candidate at Cornell was the one who
    made the original discovery.”

    I just thought that was a very unique adaptation.

  2. Rafa says:

    Fascinating, tinyang. thanks for the link!!

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