White-throated Sparrow!

They weren’t great shots, but apparently the view was better for those watching the live video, since judging by the chat there wasn’t much doubt about the ID. And the best shot, which was taken by abirch, was clear enough to remove any doubt from my mind: The game’s first White-throated Sparrow, as viewed in the bare tree at around 3:40 p.m. yesterday:

Image 107462

Contgratulations, abirch (and also blether, who also got a shot good enough for an ID)!

From the chat transcript:

[15:39:27] idbirds: white-throated sparrow!
[15:40:32] cimperialis: i did not know they get those in southern TX
[15:41:37] idbirds: yes; did anyone get a decent pic?
[15:41:51] blether: out of focus
[15:42:27] cimperialis: nope, i’m over the limit
[15:42:31] abirch: I got two – one very distant and one OK
[15:43:08] ottavia: I think that our new players are bringing us luck… a new species, two days in a row
[15:43:19] ottavia: !
[15:43:23] blether: i tried with the camera, but it was too slow
[15:44:41] blether: too intense, need a rest
[15:44:53] idbirds: abirch – I think your #462 may be good enough for a classification!
[15:46:44] ottavia: loughman, we have a new species!
[15:47:06] blether: i was lucky on the camera today, everywhere I went it was birds
[15:52:29] loughman1: Hi folks. So please tell me what is the new species? When I looked at Search all I saw was a zillion cardinals!
[15:52:47] blether: it was a white throated sparrow
[15:53:46] loughman1: That’s cool. Pic #?
[15:55:15] idbirds: pic #462
[15:57:02] loughman1: Great!
[15:57:42] txbird: someone is still looking for another picture, loughman
[15:58:13] vanilla: Congrats on the new bird!

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