Scissor-tailed Flycatcher!

I apologize for neglecting the blog (and the cam) lately. Fortunately, others have been more zealous than I have, and as a result we have these shots of an amazing bird to look at: The game’s first (official) scissor-tailed flycatcher!

These first three shots were taken yesterday (Tuesday, August 4, 2009), right around noon (Pacific) time by birdbrain:

Image 190001

Image 190002

Image 190003

The bird showed up again today, right around the same time (and from the look of the shots, right around the same place); this time it was txbird, birdbrain, and budgieface who were lucky enough to get some shots. Here’s my favorite from today’s batch, by txbird:

Image 190346

Congratulations to everyone on getting these great shots of a beautiful bird!

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