Lincoln’s Sparrow!

I wasn’t on the cam at the time, but yesterday while some users were trying to follow the female Indigo Bunting to the pond, look what vanilla (along with idbirds, usabirder, and tinyang) got instead:

Image 244057

Talk about serendipity! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the game’s very first Lincoln’s Sparrow!

Here’s an even better shot that vanilla got today, part of a superb sequence of bathing shots that I intend to stitch together into an animation as soon as the Super Bowl is over:

Image 244310

What a cool bird. I really like Lincoln’s Sparrows; they’re so unpretentious, yet classy. Something about that neat streaking on the breast really appeals to me. I guess I’m just a brown-pinstripes kind of guy.

Update: As promised, here’s a stitched-together animation of the Lincoln’s Sparrow bathing. Thanks to vanilla, loughman1, and usabirder for taking these great shots.


2 Responses to “Lincoln’s Sparrow!”

  1. vanilla says:

    elanus — Your animations are always fun to see – this one is especially nice! I believe that tinyang was operating the cam at the time these photos were taken.

    He is a good-looking bird!

  2. tinyang says:

    Great post Elanus! Vanilla, I was only driving for the first pic in this blog post, I entirely missed the bathing scene elanus has put together, which makes me doubly as fortunate for me to see it here! 😀

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