Welder Butterfly List

The original list was compiled from photographs taken by Chris McLean of the Welder butterfly collection.   Several other butterfly species have been observed (e.g. Painted Lady), and sometimes photographed  and identified.

* Successfully identified with CONE Welder

Giant Swallowtail* Papilio cresphontes
Black Swallowtail* Papilio polyxenes
Pipevine Swallowtail* Battus philenor
Large Orange Sulphur* Phoebis agarithe
Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme
Falcate Orangetip Anthocharis midea (genutia)
Southern Dogface* Colias (Zerene) cesonia
Monarch Danaus plexippus
Queen Danaus gilippus
Gulf Fritillary* Agraulis vanillae
Common Mestra Mestra amymone
Goatweed Leafwing* Anaea andria
Hackberry Emperor* Asterocampos celtis
American Snout Libytheana carinenta (Libythea bachmani)
Bordered Patch* Junonia coenia
Question Mark* Polygonia interrogationis
Common Buckeye* Chlosyne lacinia
Red Admiral* Vanessa atalanta